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together we your house a home
posted Dec 5, 2016

Colour Can Be Your Home's Best Friend or its Worst Enemy. Here's Why.

Colour choices on your walls can play a big role in the enjoyment of your home. We like to think that it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In this week's blog, we'll cover why colour choices for your home are so important for its overall look and feel.

Colour choices are a long-term investment for your home

Since it's a big job to paint a room, it's not a job you want to repeat multiple times. That being said, it's important to choose the right colours that will blend with your home perfectly. Overall, you want to choose colours you can live with. If you're unsure about a colour choice for your walls, start on a small space such as a powder room or a mud room. If you decide to change your mind later down the road, then it won't be such a big job to complete.

Colour can affect the lighting in your home

No matter how good your lighting is in a certain room, the colour on the walls can make the room seem brighter or darker than intended. For example, a strong bright colour can seem too bright when it is in a room with a large window. The natural light tends to overpower the colour in this case.

Colour can have an effect on the interaction between other decorative pieces

If you tend to switch up your decorative pieces in your home as the seasons or preferences change, then a neutral colour may work best for your walls. A neutral such as a beige or grey serves as a great backdrop to customize the overall look and feel of your room any way you choose. However, it's also a good idea to add variety to the rooms in your home. A home that consists mainly of neutral coloured walls tends to get bland pretty fast.

Colour choices affect the mood of room

If there's a certain tone that you want your room to set, then colour will play a large role in that endeavor. Soft hues provide a relaxed feeling in bathrooms or bedrooms while warm earthy tones can be great for kitchens and dining rooms.
Colour choices are often overlooked when planning home décor. However, after considering these factors mentioned above, we hope it will help you to make a wiser choice.
To receive custom advice on colour choices for your home, contact us to learn more. Together we make a house your home.