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together we your house a home
posted Feb 27, 2017

Types of Window Coverings for Your Home

Window coverings can serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. They can offer shade and privacy while also incorporating your specific tastes. While there are many types of window coverings to choose from, it's best to make a choice which reflects your needs and preferences. Here is a description of the types of window coverings to choose from in your home.

Drapery Curtains and Sheers

Curtains tend to be the most popular choice for window coverings. Since they come in a wide range of colours, fabrics, and lengths, they provide a personalized touch to a room. Depending on your choice, they can set a formal or casual tone to a room. Curtains that are hung from floor to ceiling can make a room appear to be larger.

There are so many kinds of valances that come and go over the decades. Many of them are wonderful additions to drapery treatments. Swags and Jabots are coming back once again as are padded valances and romans. Only your imagination stands between you and the window treatment of your dreams.


Blinds are known as a hard window treatment. They come in a variety of materials such as metal, bamboo, plastic, wood, or fabric. There are two types of blinds: vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds are typically used in rooms that have lower ceilings and offer adequate shade. Horizontal blinds can add a contemporary or traditional look.


Shades are a soft window treatment that can add a formal or casual tone to the room. If you'd like to add more drama to your space, then you can always add panels or curtains. For a more sophisticated look, shades can be hung on their own. Shades come in a number of styles such as cellular, honeycomb, pleated, and roman.

Each room in your home may need different types of window coverings . If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you make the right selection for window coverings to suit your style and preferences, then feel free to contact us .
Together we make a house your home.