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together we your house a home
posted Nov 25, 2016

3 Tips to Consider When Decorating Around the Fireplace

Fireplaces are beautiful and cozy spaces in and of themselves. Did did you know that you can do so much more to the space itself to make it even more appealing? Winter is well on its way and that means itís time to start spending more time around this space. Here are a few tips on how we can help you create the beautiful space youíd like.

Set the tone

When you want your fireplace to go beyond its functional nature, then itís a good idea to consider the tone you want the space to convey. When you treat the fireplace as a part of the room, then you want to make sure that it blends in nicely.

Accessorize the mantel

Itís best not to go overboard. Less is always more. Family photographs, favourite books, and simple decorative pieces can go a long way. Consider how the other elements of the room will blend in.

Choose the right hardware for your fireplace

The choice between stone, brick, or tile is personal and can make or break the look of the room where the fireplace is situated. Any one of these choices can be a wonderful complement to your fireplace. When you think back to the tone you want to create for the room, then your choice becomes much easier.

Combining functionality with aesthetics makes your home a wonderful place to spend time with your friends and family. When you work with Tall Pines Interiors Inc., you never have to choose between one or the other. Also, if you would like to purchase a high quality fireplace that has your safety and personal preferences in mind, then be sure to shop locally. If you would like some help in creating a comfortable space around your fireplace, then feel free to give us a call and inquire about our services.

Together, we make a house your home.